Betta Miss Me

from by Juwols NWA




Was homeless, but bounced back like 'aye'
With More ambition than 5 Wale's
No offense to Ricky, but I'ma pop Rozay
Get it all in ya, all on ya mouth. 'Yonce
My Jesus Peice, Ali Bomaye
I am The Game, Ali Bomaye
And you ain't got the answers Kanye
Was all good, all good
Then pops left and dat shit got real
Government cheese and bread got grilled
mom was ill, she couldn't work dat shift
Now my momma stay wit her momma
Cant subtract shit, can't make no difference
But fuck all that, just remember this sentence
That bullshit, better miss me wit it
Had the red coupe, make the roof get missing
Lost the crib, im in the coupe jus sitting
Im 6'6 how the fuck am I'm fitting
Parked behind Burger King like isn't
This some shit, I ain't have no back window
Just a pack of cookies from Dollar Tree, figured
It'll last me longer than a Mickey D's dinner
It's all good, all good
My uncle died and that shit got real
Now all my cousins my kids, that's real
Hit Ol' School to tattoo that tear
Called my momma, she called her momma
She calllin me, like you betta pray
So all I kno, with that fake shit, breh
Missing me, u better be
Cause this triil shit

Had a bad bitch, from the westside
Play Dipset, she roll her eyes
Guess im stuck wit Ty Dolla Sign , I said damn at least play sum ol' Three Six
UGK, now what you know 'bout this
Put Jeezy on, what you know bout this
T.I.P., See when I play dat shit
Girl it's all good, all good
We bought some liquor, that shit got real
I told her my cuz had like 15 bricks
But she got knocked for like 15 years
She called her momma, who called my momma
Yesterday they reduced her sentence
When she get out, she goin right back in it
So dat bullshit, you better miss her wit it
Used to visit dad for the summer
But what I ain't tell my mother
Is I ain't see my dad the whole summer
I was 15 when I got caught
By a crooked cop, he stole my guap
He booked me, intent to sell
Next day I'm back up in school like Hey!
Its all good, all good
My son was born and that shit got real
Ma in Law ain't let me in that crib
Babymomma liked to have that fit
She called her momma who called my momma
She calling me like you better pray
So all I know with that fake shit breh
Missin me you better be
Cause this trill shit

Miss me with it on Monday
Miss me with on Tuesday
Miss me with it on Wednesday
Miss me with it on Thursday
things weren't the same....
Miss me with it on Friday
Miss me with it on Saturday
miss me with it on Sunday
now what are we gonna do

This one time, fuck punchlines
Expelled, drug charge, I lucked up
Alternative school, they got me fucked up
So I said fuck that, my math book slammed shut
I stood up, 'I'ma be famous one day'
My teacher gave me the 'Is he that dumb' face
Then made me write a whole fuckin' essay
On how I'll never make it, and present it the same day
It's all good, all good
Now I'm red carpet, this can't be real
can't believe I turned down that deal
But Emeril, ooh I'ma make that Mil'(Meal)
Then call my momma, she call her momma
Remember that crib, fuck, let's get it
But fuck this song, just remember this sentence
That bullshit, better miss me wit it


from December 10th, released January 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Juwols NWA Durham, North Carolina

Juwols NWA was never a stranger to the art of music. . As a Producer, Rapper/Singer/Multi-Instrumentalist, And Sound Engineer, He's gained a cult following, Opening for such artists as Rick Ross, Rich Homie Quan, Mario, Keyshia Cole, Lil Boosie, Plies, VIC, DJ Unk, and DJ Luke Nasty.

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