from by Juwols NWA




I pull up to Onyx, dem hoes astonished
Baby i said I'm your man, but I meant platonic
i go through the money like ultrasonics
Serving n*** fast as Sonic, like Jimmy Johns bitch
And I ain't stopping 'til my whips is foriegnyty
And every single chick im with or know is foreign
My team be getting money, to you that's foreign
Said my n*** getting money, we getting

I'm a alcoholic, a alcoholic
Said I'm a Alcoholic, a Alcoholic
She on that hypnotic, that gin and tonic
She jus getting on The Game word to London Lauren
You rolling with a Boss, you Wale Folarin
Breh I'm bullet lobbin like Football Johnny
My hitta in the pen, he don't know his charges
Akon dissapeared, im still down wit Konvicts (convicts)

Now everytime you see me I'm with 2 bitches
Shaquille O'neal of rap, u n*** Fu Shnickens
Say my money shorter than Winnie the Pooh Piglet
That's Impossible, I put that on Tom Cruise mission


Soon a n*** hit tha streets, control alt delete
Yea I shut it down, bitch, bluescreen
Blowin marijuana, this aint no chronic
Mixed chick, half and half, she my Arnold Palmer
I hit that, word to Pop Warner
Eat it eat it, then i pass a peice to Jeffery Dahmer
If life a bitch, thank you bitch, 'cause your ass is gorgeous
My bank statement's a blank paper with the word ENORMOUS

I, Started from the bottom ain't no new n***
Got them stuck like if Jordan was to lose Pippen
You fuck your bitch then buy her Charlotte Rouse denim
I fuck your bitch she told me I'm a huge difference


Turn on the radio all i hear is monotony
Rappers scared to step out the box, but hey dey gotta eat
Pick up the box and see, outside of the box is me
Jus sitting there like pieces to McDonalds monopoly
Inside of the box, an audio lobotomy
Im outside breakin my leg like paul george when he locked his knees
I got tha box for Christmas, when i was yay high
Was more rappers in it, and breh i used to listen
They used to tell us, go foreign, get foreign errthang
Foreign cars, foreign women hangin wit Vera Wang
Driver side is the passengers, diamonds shipped on a aeroplane
Crossing thru statelines like rollercoasters at Carowinds
What's that teaching out youth tomorrow
I used to have a foreign my car shit was a Honda
Cause ill prolly never own a Lamborghini
Accepted, I'm Narcoleptic, i'll just keep dreamin'


from December 10th, released January 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Juwols NWA Durham, North Carolina

Juwols NWA was never a stranger to the art of music. . As a Producer, Rapper/Singer/Multi-Instrumentalist, And Sound Engineer, He's gained a cult following, Opening for such artists as Rick Ross, Rich Homie Quan, Mario, Keyshia Cole, Lil Boosie, Plies, VIC, DJ Unk, and DJ Luke Nasty.

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