part VII: Dreamin'

from by Juwols NWA



(Verse 1)
Writing in my Rhyme book, the words pass the margins
But yet they stay evenly spaced, My lead breaks
Watching my thoughts become trapped between blue lines
they can't escape until they hit the pores of the mic
Writing 'bout dreams of gettin cream, Driving fly cars
A nice big crib, a nice thick broad
My single climbing the top of billboard charts
A couple stock brokers that was K-mart Smart, yea
I had dream from dropping keys on the block man
to hitting that winning jumpshot in the Garden
Every nigga in the hood got dreams
But the dream life is only if your cream's right, so we make ends meet
I dream of sold out arenas, the right promotion,
one hot beat, a hot 16, to raise my city up
then giving it all to my unborn son
the war to be a rap legend, has just begun
I guess.....

(verse 2)
its kind of funny how the same people, That say you'll never make it,
Never Made It.
A flower grows out the concrete
They reaching for weed killer to spray it
Never let you dream always trying to wake you
And everytime you upgrade, they downplay you
think outside of a box, they grab clippers and try to fade ya
But I just keep my head high like a Rasta
Keep my head up, it's good posture
Now I can let these dreamkillers kill my self-esteem
or use my arrogance as the steam, to power my dreams
cause everytime a millionaires on my TV screen
I just think to myself, quietly, why not me
I want Benz, I want friends
I want girls, some Jordan 10's
I want to buy my momma a house, and with my leftover money
Give it to her to buy her momma a house....why not
I guess....

(verse 3)
Head rto the sky, Feet on the ground
so high I can fall into the sky, and land in a cloud
and drown...
Man my uncle dead, i wish he could see me now
Sometimes I dream and pretend I'm world renowned
Perform in front of 50 people, I just pretend that it's 50 thou'
Sleeping in my car just pretend that this shit's a house
And dream about the day when I figure how to get out
'Cause then I'm gone, Day Dreaming
I work hard, They're Dreaming
They take days off, Day Dreaming
And to the kids, Keep Dreaming
Man, we all can't be rappers and ballers
but you know who's making the real money, Doctors and Lawyers
You can do, anything, that you wanna do
Ask Freddy Kruger, man dreams come true
I guess...


from The LOSER ep, released September 17, 2012
Written. Produced, and Performed by Juwols Jones


all rights reserved



Juwols NWA Durham, North Carolina

Juwols NWA was never a stranger to the art of music. . As a Producer, Rapper/Singer/Multi-Instrumentalist, And Sound Engineer, He's gained a cult following, Opening for such artists as Rick Ross, Rich Homie Quan, Mario, Keyshia Cole, Lil Boosie, Plies, VIC, DJ Unk, and DJ Luke Nasty.

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